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Thriving in 2025!


Election time!  It brings the word "Community" to mind.  Just as our elected officials “work across the aisle” to serve the greater good; buyers and suppliers must unite to achieve our shared goals for the corporate travel industry.


To me, GBTA is a Community - like a community- we come together - we help each other; working together with the common goal of delivering world class corporate travel programs.   


How do we ensure we can continue our trajectory of success? It's simple – through three fundamental pillars: Community, Education, and Advocacy.


I will ensure the voice of the local chapters and members is heard, educational content development opportunities are readily available and advocacy of the GBTA Foundation's People and Planet initiatives. 


As a Community, focusing on Education and supporting the GBTA's Foundation Initiatives - we will thrive in 2025!

A Little Bit About Michelle

Michelle's Industry Background

12+ Years Business Travel Industry Experience

GBTA member as both an Allied and Direct:

  • Program Manager with a Travel Management Company (TMC)
  • Global Travel Manager

GBTA Puget Sound Chapter Executive Board:

  • Secretary (2 Terms)
  • Vice President (1 Term)
  • President (2 Terms)

Ladders - Mentee in 2022 & 2023

Michelle's Focus?


The community of GBTA is  global and  local.  A sense of belonging in a neighborhood.


Professional development programs such as WINiT and Ladders, in tandem with Local Chapters foster a community, a “local” place of belonging. They serve as opportunities for continued personal and professional growth; while building lifelong relationships along the way.    


It is critical we continue to focus on a sense of community, belonging, connection opportunities through networking and support of our local chapters. 



Focusing on further development of the Education opportunities GBTA and Chapters made available to our members, will make us strong.  Knowledge is Power



Education empowers our members to be more impactful in their jobs, their professional and personal relationships and the far reaches of their community.  Education will continue to help nurture talent and foster growth.




The world is changing  faster than the cruising speed of an aircraft.  Collaboration will allow us to execute on the GBTA Foundation's People and Planet initiatives. 


  Our industry has the opportunity to focus on inclusion strategies and making our industry inclusive and an exciting place for the next generation.   

Focus, strategies and execution on sustainability are crucial for the impact and legacy our industry has on the plant for future generations. 


I am passionate about GBTA;  all the experiences it has afforded me and bringing these opportunities to others.  Memories that will last a lifetime!   

  • At my very first GBTA Chapter Meeting I had the honor of hearing Captain Al Haynes speak. 
  • GBTA, Convention (I can still remember my first!), Ladders, CPC, Leadership Summits
  • Our member winning a BTS award
  • Puget Sound Chapter Galas, Education Days and Silly Holiday Meetings
  • Board Retreats - "Bringing More in 2024" to our Chapter
  • GBTA, and Chapters Education: Professional and Personal
  • Life long relationships, mentors and friendships
  • Hearing my Dad, "The Captain" talk about the airline industry - I was inspired to join a community where I belong

Let's continue to "Thrive in 2025 and BEYOND"!

Why Others Are Supporting Michelle

Collaborating with Michelle in my previous roles has been a pleasure. Her insightful perspective, innovative approach, and strong leadership have greatly contributed to her success in the association and the local chapters. Michelle's organizational skills ensure that tasks are completed efficiently, all while maintaining a sense of enjoyment. As the Travel Manager at F5, I can confidently say that there is no better industry colleague I would endorse and support for the 2024 elections.

Ronda Dean

F-5 Networks

“I worked with Michelle closely during my time as LABTA President and was impressed with her passion for GBTA and the local chapters in combination with the enthusiasm she brings to her position.  Her focus on partnership across Allieds and Directs will continue to bring value to GBTA.”

-Lee Palmer Turner

Amazon MGM Studios


“Michelle brings great energy and keen insights to managing her company's successful travel program. I'm confident she will be a terrific addition to the GBTA Board as its next At-Large Director.”

-Scott Gillespie


"I am thrilled to see Michelle Amos run for the GBTA Board as I know she can help the association Thrive. Michelle knows the critical importance of community for our industry and her work at the GBTA Chapter level brings great insights into what members need from the community. I admire Michelle’s plans to collaborate further with the GBTA Foundation to execute People and Planet initiatives which are top of mind for so many buyers and suppliers in our sector. I look forward to how Michelle can help GBTA Thrive in 2025."

-Katie Virtue

Festive Road

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